Decorative Concrete 

Calgary Stamped Concrete Experts

Calgary Stamped Concrete Experts

Concrete has come a long way since the age-old square slab for your driveway.

Decorative concrete is seen in pools or, curved sidewalks, or outside stairs. Even driveways, out, and patios have not escaped the decorative touch.

If your project involves decorative concrete Calgary, you have come to the right place.

We are Calgary Stamped Concrete Expert, a family-owned company in the city, we are your go-to concrete company. This includes decorative design concrete.

Our Decorative Design Concrete Experts

You will be in good hands with our decorative design expertise by hiring our experts. Our work in decorative design has turned many heads in the industry, setting us up as a model for the industry that every concrete contractor should follow.

If you’re looking for the kind of expertise on your project, give us a call today.

Expert Decorative Design Concrete by Calgary Stamped Concrete Experts

Calgary Stamped Concrete Experts is a fresh way to get a fresh look at your concrete. It has been used on driveways, walkways, and patios.

With one popular method, a driveway can be poured and at some point, before the concrete dries, grout lines can be “drawn” into the concrete. This gives the appearance that tile was laid in the driveway. Or, gaps can also be slightly drawn into the cement to make it look like the driveway was laid with bricks.

Some of these patterns can be created with stamped concrete patterns. A special template is used to force the pattern into the concrete before it dries. To add variety, the concrete can be stained with the color of your choice, whether red brick, brownstone, or a host of other colors.

If you’re interested in doing patterned concrete for your project, be sure and contact us to discuss it in detail.

Exposed Aggregate Decorative Design Concrete Option Done Right by Calgary Stamped Concrete Experts

Another popular look that we enjoy doing for our customers is exposed aggregate. This product involves taking natural stones and embedding them into the cement by hand, leaving them slightly exposed at the surface.

This gives the surface an attractive texture and a fresh look for your project.

A similar alternative is to go with micro-exposed concrete, where the stones are smaller, like pebbles. These are also pushed into the cement by hand in a similar fashion. Sand is also used as a much finer texture element for “micro exposure”.

If you’re interested in finding out if exposed aggregate will be a good option for you, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Consult Calgary Stamped Concrete Experts for Decorative Design Concrete

Exposed aggregate vs. stamped concrete – which is better? The choice between these two options depends much on a person’s preference and style.

Exposed aggregate is a combination of pebbles and slightly larger stones. People who prefer a rustic style may be inclined to choose this one. It’s complementary to several landscapes and is more budget-friendly.

Stamped concrete is where patterns are stamped into the concrete to bring a sense of uniformity to your overall look. The geometric patterns give the cement a more refined look.

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Concrete Floor Leveling

There are times when we encounter concrete slabs with large cracks or slabs that have significant high and low spots or many pit holes and gouges in the surface of the concrete floor.

When too many imperfections are present, this problem is solved and fixed by leveling concrete with varying thicknesses.

Calgary Stamped Concrete Experts Concrete Floor Leveling

With our concrete leveling service, we use a self-leveling compound which we mix with water in our Porta mix Hippo Mega Mixer to create an even consistency and then pour over your floor surface.

Once it’s dry enough, we will then go over and smooth out any imperfections. This is ideal for smoothing out concrete floors and filling in small dips and cracks upon the surface as it is fast to implement and is reasonably priced.

Imagine coming back home or into your workplace to a nice and smooth concrete floor free from cracks, dips, and imperfections.


A concrete leveling overlay is a hybrid polymer resin-based cement, which is water-compatible and non-toxic.

These systems have been successfully developed, time-tested, and used for many permanent applications by contractors, engineers, architects, and public works agencies for internal and external applications like concrete step restorations or garage floor repair and restoration, above and below grade.

These systems resist chemical attack and weather degradation considerably better than conventional cement or modified cement; and due to their chemical structure, repairs or imperfections in concrete are easily corrected.

It adheres tenaciously to most surfaces and is considerably more flexible, thereby resulting in less or no cracking, with a warranted resistance from de-lamination due to hydrostatic pressure.

These permanent overlays offer longer life, durability, reliability, flexibility, water, and chemical resistance, and optional safety (non-slip) textures that are not only cost-effective and time-saving but can also be aesthetically appealing.


  • Increased strength compared to normal concrete and other concrete coating products.
  • Highly resistant to salt, chemicals, UV, freeze/thaw, de-lamination, hydrostatic pressure, oil, stains, mildew/fungus, and more depending on seal coat.
  • Cost-effective. Since it provides a permanent, nearly maintenance-free surface that can resemble brick, stone, slate, etc. at a fraction of the cost.
  • Ability to apply from the thinness of a grain of sand up to several inches thick with extreme durability.
  • Wide variety of applications. (broom finish, splatter texture, trowel finish, stamped overlay, chemical stain), with almost unlimited and completely customizable design options

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